Reblochon - 500g
  • Reblochon - 500g

Reblochon - 500g

Vat incl

Reblochon is a renowned French cheese from the Savoie region in the French Alps, made from raw cow's milk.

 It features a soft, creamy texture and a washed rind with a distinctive orange-yellow hue. Reblochon is celebrated for its rich, nutty flavour with a hint of earthiness and a buttery, slightly tangy finish. Traditionally used in the Alpine dish Tartiflette, where it melts beautifully over potatoes, onions, and lardons, Reblochon is also a popular choice on cheese boards, paired with crusty bread and light wines. This cheese epitomizes the rustic charm and rich culinary heritage of the Savoie region.

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