Shepherd's Purse

Artisanal Cheese by Shepherd's Purse Cheeses, North Yorkshire.

Shepherd's Purse Cheeses, an award-winning artisan cheese producer nestled in the picturesque countryside of North Yorkshire, England. Founded in 1987 by Judy Bell, Shepherd's Purse began as a small, family-run farm with a vision to create exceptional cheeses using traditional methods and high-quality milk. What started as a humble endeavour has grown into a celebrated name in the world of cheese, renowned for its innovative and distinctive flavours.

The journey began when Judy, inspired by her passion for cheesemaking and the desire to diversify the family farm, started experimenting with sheep's milk. The result was their first cheese, Yorkshire Fettle, a creamy and tangy feta-style cheese that quickly gained a loyal following. Over the years, the range expanded to include a variety of cheeses made from cow's, sheep's, and even buffalo milk, each with its unique character and taste.

At Shepherd's Purse, they take pride in their collection of handcrafted cheeses, which includes the rich and creamy Blue Stilton, the award-winning Harrogate Blue, and the delicate Yorkshire Blue. The cheeses are made with milk sourced from local farms, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability. They combine traditional cheesemaking techniques with a spirit of innovation, constantly striving to create new and exciting flavours that delight cheese lovers around the world.

Their dedication to quality and innovation has earned them numerous accolades, including prestigious awards at national and international cheese competitions. Despite our growth, they remain a family business at heart, committed to the values of craftsmanship, sustainability, and community that has guided us from the beginning.

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Blue Monday

BLUE MONDAY has won several awards including Gold at the BRITISH CHEESE AWARDS 2017 and Silver at the WORLD CHEESE AWARDS in 2019. Blue Monday is matured for a minimum of 12 weeks. This unique...

£6.62 Vat incl

Shepherd's Purse - Buffalo Blue

Buffalo Blue delivers a well-balanced blue flavour, which is complimented with a creamy yet light, nearing cleansing, effect on the palate. It's an extremely special cheese and best tasted...

£42.93 Vat incl

Shepherd's Purse - Harrogate Blue

"Beautiful, creamy buttery moist, full bodied. Savoury and salty. Becomes creamier in the mouth. Exceptional and moist, perfect cheese." Victoria Urresti - Cheese Expert and World Cheese Awards Top...

£49.84 Vat incl

Shepherd's Purse - Bluemin White

Developed in 2010 by Katie Matten (née Bell) on the family farm, Bluemin White picked up a three-star Great Taste Award, which placed it in the top 125 tasty foods in the country, it then went on...

£47.70 Vat incl

Shepherd's Purse - Northern Blue

Strong, steely and sweet, in other words, Northern!  A powerhouse blue cheese with serious credentials. Deliciously creamy and luxuriously more-ish, this cheese is is a strong arm to success....

£24.91 Vat incl

Shepherd's Purse - Olde York

Olde York is a soft white cheese made using the coulommier method. After gently layering the curds into the moulds, they leave them to set under their own weight. The resulting delicate texture...

£56.21 Vat incl

Shepherd's Purse - Yorkshire Blue

Creamy, sweet and mild, Yorkshire Blue is an ideal introduction to blue cheese. With age, the flavour deepens and becomes more complex without compromising the mild creaminess that’s helped make it...

£52.58 Vat incl