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Ford Farm, nestled in the scenic Ashley Chase Estate in Dorset, has been a cornerstone of traditional cheese-making since 1972. This farm is renowned for its dedication to time-honoured, artisanal methods and high-quality, locally sourced milk from free-range dairy herds. The estate's location between the rolling Dorset Downs and the Jurassic Coast provides an ideal environment for producing some of the finest farmhouse cheddars in the UK.​

Ford Farm's cheeses are crafted using recipes and techniques that date back over 600 years. Their range includes the famous Cave Aged Cheddar, matured in the Wookey Hole Caves, which imparts a unique flavour and texture to the cheese. Another popular product is Coastal Cheddar, matured on the Dorset Coastline, known for its rich, rugged taste and distinctive calcium lactate crystals that create a pleasant crunch​. 

In addition to traditional cheddars, Ford Farm offers unique varieties like Dorset Red, a smoked cheese with a smooth, mellow flavour, and Dorset Crofter, a sheep's milk cheese inspired by Spanish Manchego. These cheeses have garnered numerous awards and are celebrated both nationally and internationally​.

Ford Farm's commitment to maintaining artisanal practices ensures that each cheese reflects the farm's rich heritage and the exceptional quality of their local ingredients. Discover Ford Farm's cheeses and their rich history on

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