Appleby's Dairy

Artisanal Cheese by Appleby's Dairy, Hawkstone Abbey Farm in Shropshire.

Appleby's Dairy, located at Hawkstone Abbey Farm in Shropshire, has been producing traditional artisan Cheshire cheese since 1952. Founded by Lance and Lucy Appleby, the dairy has maintained a commitment to producing high-quality, raw milk, clothbound Cheshire cheese. This dedication has made Appleby's one of the few remaining producers of traditional farmhouse artisan Cheshire cheese in the UK.

The dairy's heritage is deeply rooted in the practices passed down through generations, starting with Lucy Appleby, who came from a long line of Cheshire cheesemaking matriarchs. The farm utilises milk from its own herd of cows, which graze on the lush pastures of the Cheshire Plains. This milk, combined with traditional cultures, rennet, and salt, creates the unique flavour and texture that Appleby's cheeses are known for.

Appleby's produces a variety of cheeses, including White Cheshire, Coloured Cheshire, and Smoked Cheshire, each matured for about twelve weeks to develop their distinctive characteristics. The dairy also makes Double Gloucester and a popular whey butter, reviving traditional recipes and methods to ensure high-quality artisanal products.