Doddington Dairy

Artisanal Cheese by Doddington Dairy, Northumberland.

Doddington Dairy, located in Northumberland, has a rich history of cheese-making that dates back to the 1950s when the Maxwell family moved from West Scotland to Doddington. The farm, nestled near the Cheviot Hills, initially focused on traditional dairy farming. In the late 1980s, the next generation of the Maxwell family began experimenting with cheese-making, leading to the creation of their renowned cheeses​.

Doddington Dairy is best known for its Doddington Cheese, a unique blend influenced by Red Leicester, Cheddar, and Gouda. This unpasteurised cow's milk cheese is matured for over a year, developing a crystalline texture and a complex flavour profile with notes of sweet caramel and nuttiness​. Another notable product is Admiral Collingwood, named after the famous British naval commander, which showcases the dairy's commitment to quality and tradition​.

The dairy's products are crafted using milk from their own herd of Ayrshire, Friesian, and Normandy cows, ensuring freshness and quality. The milk is piped directly from the milking parlour to the dairy, where it is turned into cheese and ice cream by the Maxwell family and their dedicated team​. 

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Doddington Dairy Berwick Edge

This charming family farm is surrounded by the enchanting ‘Dark Skies’ countryside, from where they handcraft their Berwick Edge, a robust and full-flavoured Gouda-style cheese with undertones of...

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Doddington by Doddington Dairy

This charming family farm is surrounded by the enchanting ‘Dark Skies’ countryside, they handcraft their Doddington Cheese which takes its name from the village in Northumberland where the farm is...

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