Curds & Croust

Artisanal Cheese by Curds & Croust, St Austell in Cornwall. 

Curds & Croust, a distinguished Cornish cheese producer, specialises in crafting high-quality soft cheeses. Established under the guidance of master cheesemaker Martin Gaylard, the company emphasises using the finest local ingredients and traditional methods. Their range includes the creamy Miss Wenna Cornish Brie, the rich Boy Laity Cornish Camembert, the earthy Truffler Brie infused with truffles, and the distinctive cider-washed Russet Squire​. 

Curds & Croust's commitment to quality is reflected in their careful selection of milk, sourced exclusively from local farms within 30 miles of their dairy. This attention to detail ensures that each cheese maintains its unique character and exceptional taste. The term 'Croust' refers to a traditional Cornish snack, perfectly embodying the brand's dedication to creating cheeses that are an integral part of Cornish culture​​.