Montgomery's Cheese

Artisanal Cheese by Montgomery's Cheese, South Somerset. 

Situated in South Somerset, Montgomery's Cheese has been a hallmark of traditional cheddar craftsmanship since 1911. Founded by Sir Archibald Langman, this family-run dairy has passed down cheese-making expertise through three generations. Known for its rich, nutty flavours and traditional clothbound technique, Montgomery's Cheddar is made from the raw milk of their Friesian cows, which are meticulously cared for to ensure the highest quality. Each cheese is crafted using traditional methods, including the use of 'pint starters' and a slow peg mill, creating a unique texture and complex flavour profile. Discover the storied heritage and artisanal excellence of Montgomery's Cheese on, where tradition and quality converge.

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Montgomery's Cheese Ogleshield

This cheese undergoes a special brine wash every three days, resulting in a slightly tangy, moist rind that enhances the cheese’s flavour profile. When Jamie took on the role of cheese master from...

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