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Artisanal Cheese by White Lake Cheese Somerset Dairy.

Roger is a 3rd generation farmer and cheese-making started way back in the 1930s with his Grandfather. Making a traditional Cheddar from the family herd, evolving through the generations to finally become White Lake Cheese in 2004, delving into what was then, a niche market of goat's cheese production.

Since then, years of innovation and pushing the boundaries of cheese creativity and production techniques have led to the company being at the forefront of the British artisan cheese sector.

Every cheese created at White Lake results from a non-stop whirlwind of experimentation and revolution. They love trying new things, new methods and new recipes, constantly seeking ways to evolve the family of cheeses. With thanks to our talented team of cheesemakers, we have been able to transform whacky ideas into a truly delicious range of cheeses.

Now producing a plethora of amazing award-winning goat, sheep, and Guernsey cow milk cheese; White Lake is a place of constant transformation and creativity where striving for excellence has become the norm.

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