Croome Cuisine

Artisanal Cheese by Croome Cuisine, Whittington in Worcestershire. 

Croome Cuisine, based in Whittington, Worcestershire, is a family-run business renowned for creating award-winning cheeses that reflect the iconic flavours of their region. Founded by Nick Hodgetts in 2010, the company has grown significantly, offering a wide range of innovative cheese flavours. Nick, who has been making cheese for over 25 years, started his journey after a rugby injury led his friends to enrol him in a cheese-making course​. 

The creamery is celebrated for its dedication to using local ingredients and traditional methods, such as smoking cheese over oak logs. Croome Cuisine's diverse product line-up includes unique varieties like Worcestershire Hop, Scrumpy & Crunchy Apple, and Worcester Sauce & Shallots, many of which have received prestigious awards, including honours from the Nantwich International Cheese Awards and the Royal Three Counties Cheese and Dairy Produce Competition​.