Belton Farm

Artisanal Cheese by Belton Farm, Whitchurch in Shropshire. 

Belton Farm, located in Whitchurch, Shropshire, has been a pillar of British cheese-making since 1922. Founded by the Beckett family, this independent, family-run business blends heritage with innovation to produce award-winning cheeses that delight the taste buds with their unique flavours and textures​.

Over the years, Belton Farm has developed a range of classic and contemporary cheeses, including the renowned Red Fox, White Fox, and Smoked Red Fox. These cheeses are celebrated for their distinct flavours and the characteristic crunch that comes from calcium lactate crystals formed during maturation. The Red Fox, for instance, is an aged Red Leicester known for its sweet, savoury, and nutty profile​. 

Belton Farm has made significant strides in sustainability, incorporating solar PV panels and other eco-friendly practices. They continue to innovate with new additions like the Silver Fox, a modern British Superior Vintage Cheddar introduced in 2024, which has already won gold at the British Cheese Awards.​

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Belton Farm Sage Derby

Sage Derby Cheese is England’s oldest and most famous cheese originally made only for special occasions such as Harvest and Christmas. Traditional Sage Derby has an open texture with a smooth,...

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