Sharpham Dairy

Artisanal Cheese by Sharpham Dairy, Devon.  

Nestled on the banks of the River Dart in Devon, Sharpham Dairy boasts a rich history of crafting award-winning cheeses that celebrate the region's agricultural heritage. Established in 1981, Sharpham Dairy has become synonymous with excellence, blending traditional cheese-making techniques with modern sustainability practices. Renowned for its creamy, hand-made cheeses such as the Sharpham Brie and Ticklemore Goat, the dairy sources milk from its own Jersey cows and local goat herds, ensuring unparalleled quality and flavour. Visitors to Sharpham Dairy can enjoy picturesque views and a taste of the farm’s rich legacy.

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Sharpham Ticklemore - 1.7kg

Named after the street in Totnes where the renowned cheese shop is located, this cheese is crafted from the finest fresh pasteurised goat’s milk. The semi-hard texture of Sharpham Ticklemore is...

£72.89 Vat incl

Sharpham Rustic - 1.7kg

It was first created by Robin Condon and later moved to Sharpham's when Robin decided to focus on blue cheeses. The curd is carefully packed into moulds to achieve its unique rustic shape and then...

£46.62 Vat incl