Botton Creamery

Artisanal Cheese by Botton Creamery, part of the Camphill Village Trust. 

Botton Creamery, located in Botton Village within the North York Moors National Park, is part of the Camphill Village Trust. This community supports adults with learning disabilities, providing them with meaningful work opportunities in various fields, including cheese-making. The creamery, renowned for its high-quality organic cheeses, uses milk from a small herd of Ayrshire and Dairy Shorthorn cows, ensuring rich and creamy products​.

The creamery produces four main types of cheese: Dale End Cheddar, Moorland Tomme, Summerfield Alpine, and Botton Gouda. Each cheese is crafted using traditional methods and matured on-site, with maturation periods ranging from 12 weeks to 12 months. Dale End Cheddar is celebrated for its tangy bite and rich flavour, while the Summerfield Alpine, a Gruyère-style cheese, showcases the unique characteristics of summer-grazed cow's milk​.