Keen's Cheddar

Artisanal Cheese by Keen's Cheddar, Wincanton in Somerset.

Keen's Cheddar, produced by the Keen family at Moorhayes Farm in Wincanton, Somerset, has been a staple of traditional cheddar cheese-making since 1899. The farm, now operated by the fifth generation of the Keen family, continues to produce their renowned unpasteurised cheddar using milk from their own grass-fed cows. The cheese-making process starts within 12 hours of milking, ensuring freshness and quality.

Keen's Cheddar is known for its crumbly yet creamy texture and complex flavours that develop over a maturation period of up to 18 months. The cheese is made using traditional methods, including hand-turning the cheese during maturation to ensure consistency and depth of flavour. This dedication to maintaining artisanal practices has earned Keen's Cheddar numerous awards and recognition worldwide.

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Keen's Cheddar

The cheese-making process is entirely handcrafted, with every decision and step made by a real person. This attention to detail is what sets this cheese apart and gives it a truly unique...

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