Highland Fine Cheeses

Artisanal Cheese by Highland Fine Cheeses, Scottish Highlands. 

Highland Fine Cheeses, nestled in the picturesque Scottish Highlands, has a rich history and an inspiring story that speaks to tradition, quality, and passion for cheesemaking. Founded by the Stone family in the early 20th century, this family-run business has been producing exceptional artisan cheeses for over a century. The journey began with a small dairy farm where the family perfected their craft, utilising the pristine natural resources and traditional techniques passed down through generations. Today, Highland Fine Cheeses is renowned for its exquisite range of cheeses, from the creamy Caboc to the tangy Strathdon Blue, each reflecting the unique terroir of the Highlands. Their commitment to sustainability, local sourcing, and artisanal methods continues to set them apart, making Highland Fine Cheeses a beloved name among cheese connoisseurs worldwide.