Artisanal Cheese by Godminster, Bruton in Somerset. 

Godminster cheese is a celebrated name in the world of artisan cheese, known for its rich history and exceptional quality. Originating from the picturesque town of Bruton in Somerset, England, Godminster cheese has its roots in the traditional farming practices of the area. The story began in 1999 when Richard Hollingbery took over the historic Godminster Farm, which has been an integral part of the local landscape for centuries. Driven by a passion for organic farming and sustainable practices, Hollingbery transformed the farm into a beacon of quality and environmental stewardship. The farm's commitment to organic principles, combined with its use of traditional cheese-making techniques, has resulted in the creation of Godminster's award-winning cheeses, beloved by connoisseurs and casual cheese lovers alike. Today, Godminster cheese stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Somerset's dairy heritage and the innovative spirit that continues to drive its success.