Northumberland Cheese Co.

Artisanal Cheese by Northumberland Cheese Co, Northumberland. 

The Northumberland Cheese Company, nestled in the serene landscape of Northumberland, England, is a distinguished producer of artisan cheeses celebrated for their exceptional quality and flavour.

Founded in 1984 by Mark Robertson, the company began its journey with a simple yet ambitious goal: to create cheeses that reflected the rich agricultural heritage of the region. Situated in the historic Blagdon Estate, the creamery utilises traditional cheese-making techniques, honed over generations, and high-quality local milk to produce a diverse range of cheeses. From their creamy Original Recipe to the robust and flavourful Oak Smoked, each cheese is crafted with meticulous care and a dedication to excellence. The Northumberland Cheese Company's commitment to sustainability and local sourcing not only supports regional farmers but also ensures that each product carries the distinct character and taste of Northumberland. Today, their cheeses are enjoyed by connoisseurs across the UK and beyond, making the Northumberland Cheese Company a proud representative of the region's rich culinary tradition.