Livarot Du Plessis - 500g

The taste is nutty, and melts in the mouth, to release flavours of a salty lemon and some 'spiciness'. The texture is creamy, smooth and quite runny at room temperature. Each wheel is washed in...

£16.18 Vat incl

Abbaye De Belloc Sheep - 4kg

When young, this cheese has a soft and creamy texture, and a delicate flavour reminiscent of flowers, hazelnuts, and fresh milk. As it matures, it develops more complex aromas of grilled fruit and...

£156.64 Vat incl

Tête De Moine - 900g

'Tête de Moine' as a proper term has been used since about 1790, but the cheese has a much longer history. The monastery of Bellelay was established in 1136 and confirmed by Pope Innocent II six...

£37.05 Vat incl
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