Pecorino Sardo Maturo
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Pecorino Sardo Maturo

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Pecorino Sardo, a semi-cooked cheese made from the rich, full-fat milk of the revered Sarda sheep breed.

Originating from the scenic Sardinian island, this cheese is recognised as one of the best in the world. Pecorino Sardo, painstakingly handmade, features a semi-hard and semi-cooked texture, offering a delightful sweetness that is a pure testament to the sheep’s milk’s essence.

Experience the complex character of this cheese, adorned with grainy crystals and a subtle mix of nutty undertones and gentle spices.

Every bite encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean Sardinian island, as the Sarda sheep feed on a diet of herbs and grasses, providing a refined and unique flavour.

Aged for a minimum of 120 days, Pecorino Sardo PDO undergoes a natural smoking process that enriches its distinct personality.

The colour of this cheese transitions from pure white to a warm straw-like yellow, indicating its maturing stage. The 'Maturo' variant of 'Pecorino Sardo' is best enjoyed paired with crusty bread, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkle of pine nuts or served on a cheese board to conclude a meal.

Generously grate it over pasta dishes to enhance their flavour, particularly in the iconic Carbonara, where the mature Pecorino’s sharp and nutty notes truly come to the fore!

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