Tomme De Chèvre - 2kg
  • Tomme De Chèvre - 2kg

Tomme De Chèvre - 2kg

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Tomme De Chèvre is a traditional French cheese made from goat's milk, known for its semi-hard texture and rustic, earthy flavour. Originating from the mountainous regions of France, this cheese features a natural rind that can range from grey to brown, often with spots of blue or white mould.

Inside, the paste is firm yet creamy, with a pale ivory colour. The flavour profile of Tomme De Chèvre is complex, combining tangy and nutty notes with a hint of sweetness and a pronounced earthy undertone, reflecting the rich pastures where the goats graze. It pairs beautifully with robust red wines and crisp white wines, making it a versatile addition to cheeseboards and dishes. This cheese exemplifies the artisanal cheesemaking traditions of rural France, offering a unique taste experience that cheese enthusiasts cherish. 

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