Raclette with Chilli - 6kg
  • Raclette with Chilli - 6kg

Raclette with Chilli - 6kg

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Raclette with Chilli is a modern twist on the traditional semi-hard Raclette cheese, infused with a spicy kick. Made from cow's milk, this cheese maintains the smooth, creamy texture and mild, slightly nutty flavour typical of classic Raclette, but with the added heat of chili peppers.

This combination creates a delightful balance between the rich, melty qualities of Raclette and the invigorating spice of chili, making it a versatile choice for those who enjoy a bit of heat. When melted, Raclette with Chilli retains its creamy consistency, perfect for drizzling over boiled potatoes, vegetables, and cured meats, just like the traditional raclette dish. The chili infusion adds a unique depth of flavour, enhancing the overall taste experience. This cheese can also be used to add a spicy twist to gratins, fondues, and other melted cheese dishes. Our Raclette with Chilli is a delightful way to enjoy the comforting qualities of Raclette with an exciting, spicy edge.

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