Montgomery's Cheese Ogleshield
  • Montgomery's Cheese Ogleshield

Montgomery's Cheese Ogleshield

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From the lush fields of Cadbury Castle, Ogleshield cheese is crafted using the wonderfully creamy milk from Jersey cows.

This cheese undergoes a special brine wash every three days, resulting in a slightly tangy, moist rind that enhances the cheese’s flavour profile. When Jamie took on the role of cheese master from his mother, Elizabeth, he also inherited her prized Pedigree herd of Jersey cows. Since 1919, the Jersey herd has been a part of the family, starting with Elizabeth’s mother, Lady Langman, who kept a single cow in the orchard to provide the family with special milk. Today, the farm boasts over 100 Jersey cows bred with top Pedigree bulls. Each cow is given a unique name based on its mother’s name, creating family lines inspired by themes like Shakespearean characters, flowers, food, or drinks. Ogleshield is a fantastic Westcountry Raclette-style cheese that can be enjoyed on its own or melted to perfection.

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