St. Andrew's Farmhouse Cheese
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St. Andrew's Farmhouse Cheese

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Since 2007, Jane Stewart and her partner Robert have utilised the high-quality unpasteurised milk sourced from their home-bred herd of Holstein-Friesian cows to produce the St Andrew's Farmhouse Cheese!

By using original bacteria ferments, cheddaring methods, traditional hand-making techniques, and employing cloth-binding, Jane has successfully handcrafted a Cheddar with a distinctive flavour profile. This Scottish Cheddar is aged for a period of 14 months, resulting in a rich, buttery cheese with a curd that boasts a golden yellow hue. The texture of this cheese is crumbly yet creamy, and it offers a tangy, salty taste with a complex character that is well-balanced in terms of acidity and possesses a lingering depth of flavour.

It truly provides a taste that transports you to the pastureland.

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