St Albray - 2kg
  • St Albray - 2kg

St Albray - 2kg

Vat incl

St. Albray is a distinctive French cheese from the Aquitaine region, made from pasteurised cow's milk. It features a unique flower-shaped form with a rich, creamy interior that becomes softer and more spreadable as it ripens. 

The cheese has a washed rind, imparting a mildly pungent aroma and contributing to its mild yet complex flavour profile, with buttery and slightly tangy notes that intensify with age. St. Albray is versatile, perfect for spreading on bread, melting into dishes, or featuring on a cheese board.

It pairs well with white wines like Chardonnay or light reds like Pinot Noir, embodying the rich traditions of French cheesemaking.

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