Livarot Père Gauthier Large - 2kg
  • Livarot Père Gauthier Large - 2kg

Livarot Père Gauthier Large - 2kg

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Livarot Père Gauthier AOP is a distinguished French cheese hailing from the Normandy region, celebrated for its rich history and robust flavour profile. This soft, washed-rind cheese is made from cow's milk and is protected by the Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP) status, ensuring its authenticity and traditional production methods.

Livarot Père Gauthier is easily recognisable by its orange-hued, sticky rind, which is encircled by strips of dried reed, earning it the nickname 'The Colonel' due to its resemblance to a colonel’s stripes. The interior paste is soft and creamy, with a rich yellow colour. The flavour of Livarot Père Gauthier is bold and complex, offering a harmonious balance of tangy, earthy, and slightly spicy notes. Its aroma is strong and pungent, reflecting the traditional washing process with brine and annatto that imparts its distinctive colour and flavour. 

This cheese pairs wonderfully with robust red wines or Normandy ciders and is perfect for adding depth to a cheese board. Livarot Père Gauthier AOP is a true testament to the artisanal cheese-making heritage of Normandy, cherished by cheese connoisseurs around the world.

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