's Cheese Journal is for all cheese enthusiasts new and old, from novices to experts.

Sharing tasting notes and capturing the properties of each cheese variety, from the creamy textures of brie to the bold flavours of aged cheddar. Documenting cheese pairings with wines, fruits, and artisanal accompaniments, we're creating and collaborating on a personalised guide to all our favourite combinations.

Dive into the cultural and historical backgrounds of different cheeses, discovering the stories behind each delectable wheel. Share your cheese adventures, recipes, and tips with our community of fellow cheese enthusiasts. Watch and engage in our exclusive interviews with expert cheesemongers and cheesemakers, gaining insights into the craftsmanship that goes into creating these culinary treasures.

Our Cheese Journal is not just a diary; it's a dynamic space for exploration, learning, and savouring the rich world of artisanal cheeses.